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Stuffing and Shipping

The ordered product will be packed by our qualified and skillful employees with good standard packing before shipped to the destinated address. so that the condition of the goods is maintained properly.

Packing Process

This is the packaging process in our company. We package products with extreme care so that the products we make do not suffer the slightest damage during later in the shipping period until they actually reach the hands of our clients. and usually for large-sized products such as Petrified Wood Chair, Petrified Wood Slab, and Petrified Wood Stool we do packaging using wood so… Read More »Packing Process

The Mining Process And Petrified Wood Location In Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the largest mining sites of petrified wood. There are several petrified wood location has been found in many places in Indonesia, namely in West Java (Ciampea, Jasinga, Leuwiliang, Banten, Sukabumi, and Tasikmalaya), Central Java (Banjarnegara and regions) the border between Sragen and Karanganyar)[1], East Java (Pacitan), Kalimantan, Jambi, and Flores. The latest information, many petrified woods… Read More »The Mining Process And Petrified Wood Location In Indonesia

Finisihing And Polishing Process

The final process of a form so that it looks beautiful, natural, and unique is divided into the following stages they are : measurement, polishing, patching/resin, washing(cleaning) and the quality control as well done by our qualified staffs, so that the products come to our costumers hands well maintained.