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The Best Places To Buy High Quality Petrified Wood Furniture

High Quality Petrified Wood Furniture Collection

Whether you are moving into a new home, or apartment or looking for new athmosphere by redecorate your room, shoping for furniture can be overhelming. There are so many option available out there. From wood furniture, metal furniture, and so on. But we will focus mainly on high quality petrified wood here.

Indonesia is one of the biggest manufacture of high quality petrified wood here. And here, we are from CV. Karya Bersama, one of the top Indonesia sources for wholesale petrified wood home decor and furniture. We produce high quality wholesale home décor petrified wood, We have several collection, from pre-made, costume made, and specialize in designing just for you.

Petrified Wood Indonesia from CV. Karya Bersama is the best places to buy high quality petrified wood furniture. And we own its mining place to extavacate high quality raw material of petrified wood. We have been engaged in petrified wood from 1983 and already experienced in creating furniture made from petrified wood.

You can see from selection of raw material, till processing. We do it carefully. The raw material well be hand-picked from our experienced staff to ensure its quality. Then the raw material will be crafted to become a high quality furniture. Or you can give us your design plan, and we will make it for you.

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High Quality Petrified Wood Furniture From Petrified Wood Indonesia

By using high quality petrified wood raw materials, it will produce products that have high artistic value and certainly will make the appearance of your workspace or your home have a natural impression of high artistic value.

Indonesia is one of the best petrified wood producers in the world, and we from Petrified Wood Indonesia have a large stock of petrified wood raw materials that are ready to be decorated in your office, home and garden.

Our petrified wood will give us the rustic view as interior home design. There are the polished one and the natural state without any polishing, which has the cracks, holes, and knots to show each one-of-a-kind character. These kinds need to say that how unique and rare they are.

We pay close attention to the packaging process so that the goods sent are safe to the destination and we have done hundreds of shipments to various countries in the world in one year and almost always on time.

Visit Petrified Wood Indonesia To See and Buy Our High Quality Petrified Wood

Our company located in Indonesia, you can locate it with Google Map. Cv. Karya Bersama, Jl. Raya Leuwiliang Km. 25 Ds. Cibeber, Leuwisadeng, Bogor, West Java, 16660.

If you have an enquiry about our products please contact us with email at [email protected] or by phone at +62 856-9556-4699.

If you have already decided to buy our petrified wood product, but still have some worry about exporting and so on.

Dont Worry about it. We package products with extreme care so that the products we make do not suffer the slightest damage during later in the shipping period until they actually reach the hands of our clients. and usually for large-sized products such as Petrified Wood Chair, Petrified Wood Slab, and Petrified Wood Stool we do packaging using wood so that the product is resistant if there is a collision when in the process of shipping to the client’s location.

We carefully stuffing and shipping, the ordered petrified wood product will be packed by our qualified and skillful employees with good standard packing before shipped to the destinated address. so that the condition of the goods is maintained properly.

Want To Buy Petrified Wood Furnitures?

Petrified Wood Indonesia has classic and unique seating in styles that are perfect for the new year, Ramadhan, Ied Fitri and more. If you’re thinking of refreshing your space for spring or need some inspo for a new business, browse our catalogue or visit our headquarter! We’ve got the collection of classic petrified wood chairs, tables, and alternative seating for your space.
View our online catalogue to see our full product offerings!

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