3 Simple Method To Clean Petrified Wood Furniture

a simple method to Clean Petrified Wood furniture

Petrified wood furniture boasts an uncanny resemblance to wood but possesses remarkable strength and weight due to its stone composition. These pieces exhibit intricate tree ring details, encapsulating the ancient history of trees turned to stone millions of years ago.

Ensuring the longevity of petrified wood furniture demands periodic care to maintain its allure. Environmental factors, especially weather, can impact these pieces over time, but diligent care can preserve their beauty.

Caring for and maintaining the beauty of petrified wood furniture must be done periodically to maintain the beauty of a petrified wood. There are several simple ways that can be done to treat and clean petrified wood furniture.

Petrified wood that stay outside without being treated will be vulnerable to damage. Because weather is merciless. Environmental factors are always going to impact your petrified wood furniture, so you won’t be able to leave it out without some amount of damage occurring over time, but you can minimize it so your petrified wood furniture can maintain its beauty for a longer periods.

Here are some simple tips that you can do to maintain the beauty of petrified wood furniture in your home:

1. Use a Soft Cloth and Water

If your petrified wood furniture is not too dirty, you can simply clean it using a soft cloth that has been moistened with water and rubbed over the surface of the petrified wood furnitue. With a soft cloth, rub it over to clean the dirty place all around the petrified wood furniture.

a simple method to Clean Petrified Wood

2. Clean Using Natural Oil.

Natural oils are very suitable for keeping layers on the surface of petrified woods glossy. Natural oils can also maintain the beauty of the color of the petrified woods. Oil can also be used to remove scratches or fine cracks on the surface of petrified woods.
You can use vegetable oils, like eucalyptus, olive oil, etc. for treatment. You can smear the surface of petrified woods with oil to clean and keep it shiny. This simple treatment is very easy to do to maintain the beauty of the petrified wood furniture that you have.

3. Polishing Petrified Wood

Petrified wood that has lost its obvious wood color might better candidate for high polish. A Wax might be an option to bring the color of petrified wood, you can put a little wax on petrified furniture to reinforce the colors.

Please note. Never use chemicals when cleaning petrified wood furniture. because chemicals can actually damage the beauty of the furniture.

That’s the simple way you can do at home to treat and clean petrified wood furniture. There are many other ways that can be applied, but the methods mentioned above are the easiest ways that you can apply.

Important Note:
Avoid harsh chemicals, as they can damage the furniture’s integrity and beauty.

These straightforward methods offer effective at-home care for your petrified wood furniture, ensuring lasting beauty. While various techniques exist, these simple steps provide accessible means for preserving these unique pieces.

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