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7 Wood Furniture Care Tips

tips to take care furniture made form woods

Furniture made of wood, has become one of the favorite choices of many people to decorate the house. However, caring for furniture made from wood is certainly not as easy as caring for furniture made from petrified wood or from plastic materials. If the treatment of furniture is not handled in the right way, then furniture made of wood is at risk of fungi, cracks, until eaten by termites which generally often occurs. Therefore, we have 7 tips about furniture maintenance made from wood that you can try.

1. Put furniture in a dry place.

Light rays from the sun and exposure to heat that continuously illuminates furniture made of wood can make it dry and shrink to cause cracks in the wood layer. It is better for furniture made from wood kept away from equipment that radiates heat, or places that are directly exposed to sunlight, especially for those who live in high-temperature areas. Not only that, the humid air can make a proliferation of fungus or termites that are dangerous for furniture made of wood.

2. Place it properly and carefully when moving it.

When moving furniture made of wood, especially minimalist tables or chairs, the habit of moving by dragging or pulling the backrest can scratch and scrape the wood layer because it rubs against the floor. Pulling one of his legs would risk damaging the chair. A good way is to lift wood furniture and move it carefully so that damage does not occur.

3. Dry immediately from water stains.

Sometimes, when placing a drink glass often leaves water-shaped stains on the surface of a wooden table. This incident should not be left alone, because the stain can damage the beauty of natural wood surfaces. To get rid of these stains, you can clean them by wiping a mixture of toothpaste, baking soda, or a little cooking oil and ash with a soft cloth. Of course, this method can also be done to clean the surface of furniture made of wood fossils. Maintaining the beauty of furniture as usual, of course better, than letting it and make the furniture become damaged unkempt and lose its beauty.

4. Clean furniture made of wood regularly.

At least furniture made from wood should be routinely cleaned once a week by spraying enough liquid furniture upholstery on the surface of the wooden furniture, then wipe with a cloth and allow to dry. You can get wood furniture cleaning equipment at furniture stores. Of course maintaining furniture from wood so it does not look dull can continue to maintain the beauty of the furniture, and this action can also increase the life of furniture to be more durable and maintained.

5. Use a pedestal on furniture.

The use of a base on furniture made of wood, can reduce the surface of the furniture from scratches or splashes that can damage the surface of the wood and make it dull. You can provide a base on the furniture legs so that scratches on the floor can be reduced, or put a tablecloth on the top of the dining table made of wood.

6. Use a Brush to Clean the Unreachable Parts.

Indeed wood furniture can be cleaned with cloth rags, but sometimes there are dust and dirt in areas that are difficult to reach using cloth rags. Use a brush or toothbrush to reach areas that are difficult to clean.

7. Utilizing Remaining Tea As A Cleaner

The remnants of tea that has been consumed can be used to clean and maintain furniture made from wood. You can dip a soft cloth into the steeping tea, then gently rub it on the surface of the wooden furniture to make it appear more shiny.

And that’s tips for caring for furniture made of wood. Of course, to care for furniture made from fossil wood, has a similar way.

Maintaining natural beauty and making it long-lasting is naturally what everyone wants. Moreover, if the furniture we buy is very rare. For those of you who are confused about choosing a good place to buy furniture made from petrified wood. You can order it on our site. Has experienced since 1983 in the manufacture of furniture made from petrified wood.

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