What Is Petrified Wood And Why

Petrified wood is actualy stone that look exactly like wood the detail in the stones is amazing. It looks just like wood but much stronger and heavier. You can even see the tree rings, petrified wood literly mean wood turned into stone.

Nothing is more fun that to be walking acros a field and find a piece of petrified wood. Because it tells a story of a beautiful tree that once exited perhaps million of year ago. and it has been preserved in its original shape and look for you to enjoy million of years later.

The first step for wood to become petrified is that trees end up being buried by sand of volcanic ash or some other subtance and therefor take a long time to rot. They are also submerged in water : most logs subjected to these condition would simply decompese before the petrification process began. but fore some they don’t in certain areas. while they are buried, water with a lot of dissolved the tree’s cell, taking on the exact shape of the cell.

Petrified wood can be found in many different colors. what color the stones will be is dipendent upon the chemicals in the soil. Petrified wood is nearly all quartz crystal, but quartz has almost no color. it can be combined with other element to add color to the petrified wood. If you add carbon, the stone is black, if you have copper, it becomes green or blue, if you have manganese it becomes pink/orange. Iron can make it orange,red or yellow.

Confused choosing what furniture is suitable to make your garden more beautiful? Want to use furniture made of iron, but fear of extreme weather in the area where you live can make your furniture age faster and make it no longer beautiful?

Have you ever thought of using furniture made from fossil wood? Yes Petrified Wood. Of course furniture made from wood will be very effective to ward off all extreme weather, because furniture made from fossil wood is very hard. Apart from that, Petrified Wood are very rich in artistic and can also enhance the natural feel that you have in the garden.

With a variety of decorations made of Petrified Wood, feel the nuances of nature that can calm your body and soul when relaxing in the afternoon with family, or to give a natural impression to your guests who come to visit. Of course the price of fossil wood is indeed slightly higher than furniture made from pure wood. Because this wood fossil seems like a historical relic that has been buried over 20 million years ago and has undergone a change from wood to petrified wood, or we can also call Petrified Wood.

Indeed, not all Petrified Wood that have been turned into furniture have good quality and are suitable for use as decoration or home furnishings. In garden design, many factors need to be considered when choosing furniture. There are some tips when buying Petrified Wood so that you get Petrified Wood that are truly of high quality and rich in natural beauty.

This wood fossil that formed naturally for more than 20 million years ago, also has natural colors that have been mixed with a variety of substances found in the soil. The choice of color in fossil wood is also a number of factors to consider when buying. There are several color variants of Petrified Wood that have been mixed with chemicals. Of course the colors in the fossil wood can be matched with the atmosphere of the park that you have.

Choosing Petrified Wood with natural colors can increase the value of your garden. Because their shape and color are still like a cut from a tree in general, but of course the weight and quality is clearly more different than ordinary wood.

Petrified Wood are also resistant to combustion, because these Petrified Wood have become rock, of course Petrified Wood are more resistant to fire than ordinary wood that is vulnerable to fire. Moreover, ordinary wood can of course be an easy target for termites and pests that can damage your furniture, but by choosing furniture made from fossil wood, you will be free from anxiety or routine maintenance.

Furniture made of fossil wood is also free from rust and porous, not like furniture made of aluminum or iron. Because fossil wood is wood that has hardened and turned into stone. This petrification process also requires a very long time. That is why the price of furniture made from fossil wood has a price that is slightly higher than ordinary wood.

Some Petrified Wood that have been processed, there are several categories that we can separate into 3 categories. Natural, Full Polished, and Top Polished.

for natural, Petrified Wood are only processed and carved according to their needs and desires. You can also order the shape you want. Natural Petrified Wood taken from pure wood fossil trunks can be processed into tables, chairs , drawers, sinks and others.

Next is full polished wood fossil type. Petrified Wood that have been processed into furniture such as chairs, tables and others are then polished with special resins so that furniture made from Petrified Wood is more shiny and more awake from extreme weather changes. This type of Full Polished is a wood fossil that has been polished entirely, from the bottom to the top. The result will certainly feel more shiny after being polished.

The latter is a type of top polished wood fossil, or wood fossil that is only polished on top of it. Of course this combines two types of artistic. Usually this top polished is used for tables, chairs and others. On the top of Petrified Wood that look shiny and beautiful, but on the other hand still displays a form that is still natural with a little refinement so that this wood fossil looks more beautiful.

The use of fossil wood can also be processed into a floor that can give a rare impression that is rich in history in every step of the step . Pieces of fossil wood that has been polished can also be a beautiful foothold juxtaposed with green grass that can give a natural and more immediate impression to the garden you have.

What good is buying furniture from fossil wood that costs far more than ordinary wood? Even though they are all wood, but I don’t think all wood can be generalized right away. Just as there is teak and coca wood, it is not possible to equate Petrified Wood and those that are not Petrified Wood.

Well, if you really want to be seen from the benefits, buying furniture from fossil wood is quite profitable, because basically the wood has been turned into stone. The stone is certainly more resistant than the pests that interfere with termites that usually disturb the wood furniture in your home.

However, that does not mean that the fossil wood is also good, there are shortcomings. Even though wood fossil furniture is far more resistant under the heat pressure of the sun, but Petrified Wood that are continuously exposed to rain will also continue to decline in quality, and even damage. As the saying goes, even very hard stones will break if exposed to continuous drops of water.

However, whether it’s furniture from fossil wood or ordinary furniture, the two objects will still be equally degraded in quality if exposed to water continues to flow. It is better to do regular maintenance for every piece of furniture that you have. Whether it’s 6 months at a time, or whatever it is.

Even wood fossil furniture, there are levels, such as quality levels, thickness levels, and as with other levels. If you plan to buy furniture made from wood fossil stones, it helps you buy in a place that really has guaranteed quality. As in Petrified Wood Indonesia, a company owned by CV. Karya Bersama, who has been keen and experienced in making furniture made from wood fossil stone bases since 1983.

Because the price of furniture made from fossil wood, arguably not cheap, especially furniture from Petrified Wood such as dining tables, chairs, and others. If you are still unsure of the right place to buy, please do your research first, so that you will not be disappointed on the other day if the quality of the furniture you buy is not as you expected.

In choosing furniture from Petrified Wood, please note that there are several criteria that you need to look at. There is fossil wood furniture polished, there is ju g of a pure and simply be cleaned right with special fluids only.

Why wood can turn into stone? This process is called petrification, or like malin Kundang. The contents of a tree are replaced with minerals for millions of years to harden. The parts in the tree crystallize resulting in a hardening effect and make the wood turn into stone.

These Petrified Wood also if they have several color variants such as precious stones depending on whatever liquid enters the log. these liquids are very important in changing the natural color of a tree.

Untul Indonesian Petrified Wood, the majority have brown and black colors. For other colors, not too many. Archaeological trees in Indonesia are of type A trees, slightly different from Petrified Wood such as the national fossil wood parks in Arizona, United States of America. Geological factors and tree families in each hemisphere are certainly different, this makes it every place has a unique wood fossil uniqueness to be used as furniture.

The price of a whole tree that has been turned into Petrified Wood is fairly comparable in price to the labor needed to obtain this rare object. Especially for wood fossil trees that are very large in size. From removal from the bottom of the earth, processing to shipping to your place would require quite significant costs.

Lots of furniture that can be made from Petrified Wood. Like a large dining table made of fossil wood, chairs, ashtrays, floors, footrests, or even simple furniture to decorate your home and yard.

Currently in Indonesia, there are 4 factories engaged in the business of making fossil wood, they are located in Banten, Bogor, Yogyakarta and Bali. Each place has its own characteristics. If you are interested in finding out more information about fossil wood furniture, you can ask us at this email. Or you can also contact me at this number, whether it’s a normal call, or WhatsApp.

If you travel to Indonesia for a vacation or business trip, don’t forget to visit one of the biggest factories and fossil wood galleries located in Bogor. This place offers a large selection of Petrified Wood that can decorate your home, garden or yard.

What do you need to know when buying Petrified Wood? You don’t need to be an expert in choosing furniture made from Petrified Wood. From one eye, of course you can immediately know the location of the beauty of a piece of furniture. Both the good and the bad. In the manufacture of furniture made from fossil wood

Petrified Wood are evidence of ancient life buried by nature which is then preserved. This shows the evidence of life in the form of traces of plants that have existed thousands, even millions of years ago in the place where fossils were found. The process of pemboy fossils koyi as well as the formation of other fossils commonly known by the terms, pemfosilan, pemineralan, petrification, etc. This incident occurred in the period of about 36-40 million years ago (the end of the Eocene).

There are other conditions that allow the process of debris and scraping of wood, another condition is the burial of wood material by ash, and other materials that are ejected during a volcanic eruption where the silica element in the sediments that bury the wood is partially dissolved in ground water and then partially dissolved slowly over thousands or even millions of years, these silica compounds replace wood lignin and wood cellulose.

This concept is very closely related to the activity of a very large volcanic eruption, the caldera type volcano that leaves the crater with a radius of more than 2km. Caldera type volcanic eruptions are identified among them by the abundance of pumice material besides, of course, very thick prioclastic deposits, so that after a large eruption the area of ​​plant life is buried by volcanic material with high silica composition with a very large area.

When buying furniture made from fossil wood, of course you also have to pay attention to where you buy it. Does the place or company you are going to really can provide quality fossil wood that is suitable for what you want. Obviously buying wood furniture from a company that is trusted and has decades of experience is a suitable target for buying or ordering fossil wood from the company.

We from Petrified Wood Indonesia can fulfill your orders with the skills we have and have more than 30 years experience in this field. Of course, with our long experience, we can fulfill all the furniture you need. Our company has experience in exporting furniture to foreign countries and has been given trust in handling a variety of furniture from international-class companies.

Petrified Wood Indonesia has a reliable source for mining and extracting Petrified Wood that has been buried deep enough in the bowels of the earth. Petrified Wood Indonesia owns and also mines Petrified Wood from Indonesia. Because Indonesia is a country with wooden fossil remains that are more than 20 million years old and rich in high art. carved with experienced hands to meet all the furniture needs you need. We are also the only private company that can process large sized raw Petrified Wood that can be made into rectangular wooden tables.