Butterfly Petrified Wood Dining Table

Butterfly Petrified Wood Dining Table. A unique dining table carved with perfection of high level carving capabilities. Check out our Petrified Wood Dining Tables Collection.


An inspiration obtained from the beauty of the tiny fluttering wings of a butterfly.

This Butterfly petrified wood dining table made of fossil wood is shaped like a beautiful butterfly’s wings. That’s why we named it butterfly. In addition, the butterfly describes a masterpiece of beauty from nature. Butterfly wings that have a variety of colors are also the reason why the dining table is full of beautiful colors.

Weight200-300 kg

Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large


Black, Dark, Light Brown, Mixture, Natural, White, White Cream


Full Polished


Enjoy dinner with family. This dining table can fit for 4 peoples, and max at 6 peoples.